About Dr. Raoul Perez

Internal Medicine in Livingston, Cleveland and Humble, TX

Raoul Perez, MD

Raoul Perez, MD, is a primary care physician. He joined the elite team of providers at Calvary Medical Clinic in 2021, bringing his many years of knowledge and experience to the Livingston, Texas, office. 

Dr. Perez began his education and training in 1968. After earning his medical degree, he started practicing medicine in the upper northwestern United States and Canada. Upon relocating to Texas in the early 1980s, Dr. Perez obtained valuable experience as the emergency room physician at McAllen Methodist Hospital before opening a primary care practice and settling into his forever home in Livingston, Texas. He quickly became a pillar of the community, joining a three-physician team of providers while consecutively serving as the medical director for the Alabama-Coushatta Reservation.

In 2008, Dr. Perez joined Livingston Memorial Hospital as their clinical practicing primary care physician. As the hospital organization consolidated with Baylor and then with CHI St. Luke’s, Dr. Perez stayed on in his role as their clinic PCP, all the while continuing with his previous commitment at the Reservation.

Dr. Perez has been a member of the Texas Medical Association and has held his Texas Medical License since 1979. He holds his AHA BLS certification. He has been a San Jacinto County Medical Society member since 1979 and a staff physician at the hospital in Livingston, Texas, since 1982. Dr. Perez is fluent in three languages, Spanish, English, and French.

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