The skilled team at Calvary Medical Clinic offers a wide range of on-site diagnostic tests, including bone density scans, CBC, CMP, TSH, HA1c, PSA, Lipid, Urinalysis, Drug Screen among many others. They provide diagnostic testing to men, women, children, and infants at their locations in Humble, Cleveland, and Livingston, Texas. If you need diagnostic tests, call or book an appointment online today. We have a Quest laboratory collections technician on-site at all of our locations.

Bone Dentsity

At Calvary Medical Clinic, we provide bone density screenings for our patients to help detect the presence of osteoporosis, a disorder that causes bone fragility.

During a bone density test, we will use X-rays to help measure the amount of bone material and calcium inside the bone. Once we have calculated your bone density we will be able to better determine the risk of your bones breaking. This is commonly performed on the bones of your spine, hip, or forearm.

Osteoporosis screenings are important for early detection and the prevention of bone fractures and breaks. If you have lost height, experienced a fracture, received a transplant, taken certain drugs, or experienced a change in hormone levels, we may recommend a bone density test. These screenings are most commonly recommended for older women, but may be recommended for older men as well.


You may notice that it seems people experience food allergies in both increased frequency and severity more than ever before. Part of the underlying cause is gut health. Although researchers haven’t pinpointed exactly why this relationship exists, they do know that modern diets and lifestyles have significantly impacted our gut microbiome, and it, in turn, has affected how our bodies respond to certain foods. Environmental allergies along with he current food allergy information. We can test up to 80 indicators here at Calvary and can custom build allergy compound medications, depending on each individual patient’s needs.


At Calvary Medical Clinic, we are proud to offer ultrasound testing to our patients. Ultrasound is a medical procedure that uses sound waves to obtain a medical image of various organs and tissues within the body. It is a safe, painless, and effective diagnostic procedure. The information provided by ultrasound is beneficial for allowing physicians to see within the body and examine internal motions such as heartbeat, blood flow, and abdominal disorders. Ultrasounds can also be a safe and effective way to check and monitor a baby’s health and development throughout pregnancy.